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Nada Moo! vegan ice creamEverybody loves ice cream.

There’s nothing cowing about NadaMoo! ice cream. NadaMoo! Is the brand of vegan and gluten-free coconut milk-based frozen treats sold in 9,000 retail locations in the U.S. and Canada. The family-owned business got its start in 2004 by an Austin resident whose ice cream loving sister had dairy and gluten intolerances.  That sisterly devotion creation, by luck, was swiftly picked up by Whole Foods, fueling its growth and popularity.

For folks visiting Austin, while there’s no ice cream factory tour, you can stop by the only NadaMoo! shop in the country. What they call the “flagship scoop shop” opened in 2018 on South Lamar, just five minutes from downtown Austin, and five minutes south of the first Whole Foods store in the nation. Given the brand name recognition, it’s common for out-of-towners to swing by when they are in Austin to sample the coconut-based products.

The scoop shop has more than a dozen mouth-watering flavors like peach cobbler, marshmallow stardust, and caramel cold brew and cookies, along with favorites like organic vanilla, organic chocolate, or organic chocolate mint.

“There are some other vegan ice cream shops throughout different parts of the country. We, however, are the only nationally distributed plant-based ice cream brand with at least one scoop shop location,” says NadaMoo! President and CEO, Daniel Nicholson.

If you swing by the NadaMoo! storefront, you can pick out a cone or cup, just like at a traditional ice cream store. What’s more, if you liked your treat, you can purchase pints from the coolers, where you have 16 flavors to choose from. Additionally, the staff can whip you up all sorts of shakes and floats. Some are mixed with soda, coffee, or espresso. Others, add in cereal crunchies, sprinkles, chocolate chips, or cookies. All are vegan and gluten-free, even the cookie dough.

Although the shop is a favorite among plant-based consumers, the ice cream creations are equally tasty among those with no dietary restrictions.

“We love our customers. They span all ages and races and ethnicities. We believe all people are NadaMoo! people. It is our aim to penetrate every household as a solid option for ice cream lovers of all generations who are simply looking to do better for themselves and for their families and for the planet when they decide to indulge in ice cream,” adds Nicholson.

Most patrons would never know NadaMoo! is not a dairy product. It’s rich and creamy because coconut milk has a saturated fat content similar to that of cow’s milk, but without the negative side effects to one’s health, or the environment.  Another plus, the sugar content and glycemic index are
lower than most frozen desserts because pure agave syrup is part of the winning recipe.

While the scoop shop is located in a fairly packed 1800-square-foot brick and mortar location, there always seem to be empty tables out front for those who want to enjoy their favorite flavors and combos right on site. For travelers who prefer to stay in their hotel room, NadaMoo! partners with Uber Eats, Favor, Prime Now, and Postmates for delivery service.

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