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There’s many a tour to India that may whet your appetite. If you’re overwhelmed searching for the right Spiritual India tour, the following are some reasons why Embrace the Grace: Sacred Journey to Divine India, scheduled for January of 2019, is great for those who’ve never been to India, or for those who keep returning.

Get Off the Tourist Route

This is not a run-of-the-mill trip to the top tourist sites. Its goals are for participants to experience the depths of India. Not only through one’s eyes, but heart and soul.

For one, it’s important to experience India like a native. Stay clear of five-star hotels and oversized tour buses. When you immerse yourself in the culture and villages, like a native, you’ll have a much more meaningful adventure.

To boost that connection, you can’t beat traveling with a native. The Sacred Journey to Divine India is led by Indian-born twins with equally bubbly, vibrant personalities. The women will guide you throughout the two weeks in India, and even take you to their parents’ home in Delhi.

“Spending time with family is one of the most important elements in the trip because it gives people the warmth of being genuinely loved and personally cared,” says Shivani, one of the twins. “In the past, we have felt when our friends have stayed or spent time with our parents, they experienced the true joy, love, gratitude, experiencing the need of making immense sacrifices for a higher principle. It is very eye-opening for them to feel the need to selflessly care for someone without any expectations or rewards. People in the west are more into Give and Take. But when they experience someone opening their doors to welcoming them with genuine feelings, their hearts are transformed.”

Soak Up Spirituality 

India is a highly spiritual land for people of all faiths.

The twins will take you to a majestic Baha’i temple and the mosque complex of Qutab Minar in Delhi. Two days will be spent in Vrindavan/Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, set on the holy river of Yamuna.

“We will explore yoga’s timeless philosophy which can be applied to all religions and belief systems, bringing us all to a place of unity within diversity,” explains Shivani.

Four days of the journey will be at the International Bhakti Yoga Retreat. The retreat takes place at the 85-acre Govardhan Eco Village designed to demonstrate the principles of self-sufficiency and localized economy. It recently was named top Eco Village retreat facilities in all of Asia by the United Nations.

Centerpiece at the retreat is Radhanath Swami, a down-to-earth guy from the Chicago suburbs.  His best-selling autobiography, “The Journey Home,” about his becoming a Swami in India, has been made into a feature film.

One of last year’s tour participants said she was “humbled to experience Radhanath Swami’s daily classes for hours, followed by dancing in bliss in kirtans (devotional music), everything was incredible. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip not to be missed. The amount of spiritual growth that came from this trip was unparalleled.”

Give a Little, Get a Lot

Selfless service is part of the yogic tradition. Typically, those who give of themselves are graced with a great sense of fulfillment. And, they learn from the experience.

The Sacred Journey to Divine India includes service opportunities at three worthy non-profits.

1) Sandipani Muni School provides free education, books, supplies, and uniforms for underprivileged girls. Educating the families and communities on the merit of education versus child marriage is also part of the school’s role, since just one percent of girls in rural India complete school.

2) For 25 years, Food For Life Vrindavan has focused on providing free meals, education and skill training, and medical help to thousands of young girls.  School children are fed clean, nutritious meals, and other programs serve needy families and communities.

3) The Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai provides high-quality holistic medical and spiritual health care to people, regardless of their financial situation. Bhaktivedanta conducts health screenings for more than 12,000 children annually. A mobile eye camp served 45,564 patients and performed 4,650 cataract surgeries in one year, alone. In rural communities, 200 hospital health camps screened 50,000 people and treated 10,000.

Rejoice at Festivals

The Sacred Journey to Divine India features a Flower Festival in Mumbai. At the celebration, hundreds of people from around the world unite to pluck petals from 2,300 pounds of flowers. In the evening the petals are showered upon temple deities as the crowds sing devotional music. For the finale, guests deluge each other with the flower petals.

Make a Difference in your Life

“This is going to be very intimate and transformative,” says Shivani. While there may be hundreds at the festival and the retreat, this spiritual tour will be for a cozy group of 12 to 15. We will have fun, long-lasting relationships/friendships and simultaneously explore the true wealth and potential that lies within all of us. This journey is meant to expose us to a newer dimension of reality beyond the myriad of roles that we play in our day-to-day lives. This journey will provide us with a strong foundational rhythm that connects us beyond the mind, the materialism, and the distractions.”

The all-inclusive trip is only $1,500-1,800 including airfare, meals, accommodations, ground and regional air transportation, two full-time guides, workshops and lectures, and Hatha and Bhakti yoga practices.

There’s plenty of time to save up your money for this incredible deal on a spiritual trip designed to transform your heart and your life. For nominal surcharges, you can extend your stay to Jaipur or Rishikesh.

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