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Media Training

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Media Relations

Media relations begins with strategic planning and on-target messaging to move the desired audience to a particular action.

One of the foundations for any successful communications plan is media training. We don’t control the edit suite nor the page layout. But, we can control the images, the sound bytes, the expressions and the impressions, just as some of our greatest politicians have mastered these moves.

Thorough media training is essential to:

• ensure ideas are understood and “sold”
• improve dialogue, flexibility and  relationship building with media and other target audiences
• speak with one voice

The Write Counsel’s media training sessions typically last one full day. We lead an interactive presentation with video bloopers and “best bets,” fine tune or develop key messages and positioning, role play, critique and discuss. In the last few years, Skype and Zoom media trainings have been an option.

The Write Counsel’s principal was the official bilingual media trainer for the each of the following public relations agency networks:  GolinHarris, Ketchum Communications, Bromley and Manning Selvage & Lee. She has coached countless executives, celebrities, chefs and nutritionists throughout the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico over the past 30 years.

“Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”
– Jean-Louise Gassee